Wow, just Wow!

Today was a first.  We were not sad to leave the town of Jalpan.  While it was a quaint town and we enjoyed parts of it, there was a strange vibe there. The people were not very happy or friendly, and smiles in general were hard to find.  That was literally the very first time in all of our travels around Mexico that we have felt that way.  Maybe, hopefully, they were just having an off day and it’s not usually that way.

We drove through this – Wow!



We visited another Pueblo Magico, Bernal – Wow!  My favorite pueblo so far.  Everything was Wow! It is known for it’s great wine and cheese, but there is so much more to it than that.  Very friendly people, great shopping, wonderful food, spic and span clean, and … this is a town I want to see again.  We need to climb part of that rock too –



The largest or the 10th largest monolith in the world (depending on who you believe) is in Bernal, Mexico


We ate here at El Mezquite in Bernal – Wow!


We arrived in San Miguel de Allende – Wow! We had heard so many great things about it before coming, but we tried not to learn too much about it beforehand. We like some surprises.

We heard lots of English being spoken – Woah!

Wait a minute – English, aren’t we in Mexico?  After checking in to our lovely hotel in San Miguel de Allende, that has this view from the terrace on top, we headed in to town and what a place.


Well, it’s the view that my camera gets when it is zoomed in 😉


We are quite used to choosing between Mexican food and Mexican food – no complaints because we love Mexican food.  However, when we saw a Thai restaurant we were ready for something different. Woah!  Everyone in the place was American.  The food was delicious and the service impeccable.  It was really quite strange to hear English after 23 days of hearing almost exclusively Spanish except for our own conversations. We’re looking forward to exploring more tomorrow.


Today while we were driving I told Ky that these landscapes we were driving through made me want to wax poetic.  It would be great if I had that in me, but “Wow” is what kept being muttered and coming out of my mouth.

I hope you had a Wow kind of day too!




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