Mexican Knockers

Guess who came up with today’s title?

San Miguel de Allende is a beautiful and photogenic place.  So many places to point the camera.  And what was my subject for the day? Knockers.  We walked all over town – my Fitbit says 6.7 miles and we certainly found lots of things besides knockers.  Like the artisans market, the food market (which I like much better than grocery stores), a lavanderia to get our clothes washed, a couple of outstanding parks, and a stupendous sunset from our rooftop terrace.

But today I present to you lots of knockers.  Ky said it reminded him of a line from the movie “Young Frankenstein”, “What knockers!”  Please excuse him.

I was struck (pun intended) by how many different types there were.  New modern homes have doorbells, but I think door knockers are a wonderful accesory for a home to express one’s artistic side.

Which one you like best?










Or maybe the corn, the horse and horseshoe, the monkey, or another of the many here.





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