Whew!  Made it. Here we are at the end of my 30 Day Challenge. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. It has been a good goal for me. Sorting out my photos has never been an easy or well done task for me, so this project has given me a new habit of going through them all and deleting duplicates and choosing the best to keep rather than keeping them every single photo I take! It has also made me think about what photos to take each day and writing a journal of sorts has given me a memento of the first month of our trip.

Your kind words and questions have definitely kept me going and helped me to stay in touch with you.  While I hope to keep up the habit of blogging, it most likely won’t be every day.  However, Ky has now expressed interest in picking up the mantle sometimes, so you can look forward to hearing some from him too in the future. I still haven’t decided what my next 30 day challenge will be, but I think it will be something a bit easier, like flossing my teeth every day LOL!

Only one photo today and it reminds me of a saying my sweet Mom loved, “Life’s uncertain, eat dessert first!” Great advice – it was tasty :-O


Hugs, Abrazos, Omhelzingen, Câlins, 拥抱 ! 


2 thoughts on “Goal!

  1. I love it… GREAT JOB!!! We really really liked San Miguel de Allende. There’s a campground with tennis courts… talk about all the comforts. Sounds like you two are doing great. We’d love ot see you soon… on the border of Guatemala and El Salvador as we speak.


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